ICARE - Because Every Life Matters

ICARE exists because our conviction is that "Every Life Matters". This means that every unwanted, abandoned child or adult matters, as well as every member of a struggling family in a needy community.

China is the world leader in poverty reduction, and it is an honor to work in co-operation with governmental bodies to help alleviate the root causes and impacts of poverty. Residents of the poorer regions (mostly the remote mountainous countryside) live in harsh ecological conditions where natural resources are scarce and public services are less available. The problems become even more acute when affected by frequent natural disasters such as drought, floods, earthquakes, mudslides and hailstorms, which have caused devastation of thousands of homes resulting in high unemployment, water and food shortages, homelessness, and so many children growing up limited access to education.

For more detailed information about ICARE's projects are necessary, see this Further Information on Why ICARE is Necessary document.