What is ICARE?

ICARE - Because Every Life Matters

ICARE Foundation is a United Kingdom-based Private Limited Company, incorporated in 1999, with a registered NGO (non-governmental organization) office in Lanzhou, China. We work closely with local Chinese governmental bodies including Government Charitable Federations, Civil Affairs and Health & Hygiene Bureaus.

ICARE has been working in the Gansu Province of China as a relief organization since 1999. In 2016 China passed a comprehensive legal reform of NGO’s (foreign charity organizations like ICARE) that directly applied to our work in China and required us to apply for approval with China’s Public Security Bureau (PSB). ICARE is now official registered in China as an approved “Disaster Relief”, “Medical Relief”, and “Poverty Relief” organization. We are grateful that we have been approved as an NGO so that we may continue working in China to care for the poor.

NGO Certificate