ICARE's Financial Accountability

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ICARE’s corporate office is in the UK, and ICARE has an affiliated funding office in Australia called “ICARE-AUSTRALIA”. Donated funds for ICARE’s projects are maintained in these offices and in ICARE’s China office in the Gansu province. Each year our financial accounts in the UK, Australia and China are audited by professional accountants. ICARE-China is also required to submit financial records annually that are reviewed by the Chinese Government for compliance with China’s NGO laws.

ICARE is a signatory of the WORLD RELIEF – AUSTRALIA (WRA) Code of Conduct which defines minimum standards of governance, management and accountability for non-governmental development organizations.
WRA - Code of Conduct

Our China based workers directly oversee the various sponsorship programs and projects to ensure that these are carried out according to plan. Receipts for all purchases of equipment, materials, etc. are requested.